Tooth Whitening

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Tooth Whitening In Thame

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Whiter Teeth From FitzGerald & Associates Dental Practice.

There is a large variation in the colour or shade of adult teeth. While some teeth may appear darker due to the influence of medication, coffee or cigarettes, even very healthy teeth can be dark and all teeth tend to become a little darker with age. Teeth whitening is an accepted procedure for anyone who feels that they would benefit.

What tooth whitening system do FitzGerald & Associates Dental Practice offer?

Our dentists at FitzGerald & Associates Dental Practice in Thame recommend a home system of teeth whitening. This process involves holding a whitening gel against your teeth in specially made 'whitening trays' that fit closely over your teeth.

These can be worn for up an hour a day (in two half-hour sessions). If this is not convenient, an alternative formulation can be used overnight. The big advantage of this approach, is that you are in control and can stop the whitening when you feel you have reached the desired level.

We offer this procedure from £249.00

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