Tooth Restoration

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Tooth Restoration In Thame

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Natural Coloured Tooth Restoration

Metal fillings and crowns used to be standard in dentistry, but now most fillings and restorations have a tooth-like appearance. This helps to address two major concerns, to keep teeth looking their best and avoid amalgam fillings containing mercury. Contact FitzGerald & Associates Dental Practice today on 01844 260 766 to book your next appointment.

Types Of Tooth Coloured Fillings

At FitzGerald & Associates Dental Practice in Thame, we can bond tooth coloured fillings to your teeth or if a greater amount of restoration is required, veneers or crowns may be attached. Many modern crowns have a metal core with porcelain bonded to that. The gold standard however, are all-ceramic crowns containing no metal content whatsoever. Your dentist will be happy to advise you further on a dental restoration solution, that suits your requirements.
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